Bali, Indonesia

October 6-8, 2019

Event name: The 2nd International Conference on Mining Occupational Safety and Health - International Commission on Occupational Health (MinOSH-ICOH), The 13th Indonesian Occupational Medicine Update (IOMU)

Numbers of scientific activities will discuss topics covering occupational diseases, workplace accidents, infectious and non-communicable diseases and controlling health risk in the work environment

October 7-8, 2019 (Symposium)
October 6, 2019 (Workshop)

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Indonesian Occupational Medicine Association (IOMA/PERDOKI)
The Scientific Committee (SC) Mining Occupational Safety and Health (MinOSH-ICOH)
Erik Jrs (ICOH - Scientific Committee MinOSH)
Jinky Leilanie Lu (ICOH - Scientific Committee MinOSH)
Kang Seong-Kyu (International Commission on Occupational Health)
Marylin Fingerhut (MinOSH, TB Silica Dust Sub-committee)

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Online Registration and Abstract Submission: https://event.perdoki.or.id

Greeting from SC MinOSH Secretary: Jinky Leilanie Lu
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Odense, Denmark

22-25 August 2017

In August 2017, the ICOH scientific committee MinOSH and the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA) organized the first International Scientific Conference and Workshop on Occupational Health and Safety in Formal and Informal Mining at the Old Agricultural College in Odense, Denmark.

The scientific program covered major topics of interest related to both formal and informal mining.

More than 100 participants with many diverse backgrounds and from 26 different countries attended the conference and more than half of them attended the workshop too.

Thanks to all participants, organizers and co-sponsors for contributing to make this event successful!

We look forward to meeting you in the next MinOSH Conference in the future!

Impressions from the Conference

Conference Book

The abstract and program book for the conference is available here:

Conference Book

Conference Evaluation

To see the conference evaluation, please click here:

Conference Evaluation

Keynote Presentations

Videos of the Keynote Presentations are available here:

TK Joshi: "The human cost of working in dusty occupations in India."

Bengt Jrvholm: "Prevalence and prevention of silicosis and coalworkers pneumoconiosis."

David Walters: "Role of worker representation on occupational safety and health in coal mining in different countries."

Maria Albin: "Fibrous materials naturally occurring in mines, health-related diseases and how this can be adequately monitored."

Raul Harari: "Working conditions in small-scale gold mining in Ecuador."

Pl Weihe: "Mercury pollution from mining - global effects on human health."

Peter Appel: "Mercury free gold mining - how to use alternatives."

Emanuele Cauda: "Web-based tools to improve occupational health and safety in mining."

Ulrich Meesmann: "VISION ZERO: Yes we can! - Prevention in Mining."

Helmut Ehnes: "Excellence For Safety & Health In Mining. ISSA Mining - Your Global Partner."

Conference pictures

Photos from the conference and workshop are available here: