MinOSH's history

MinOSH was established as a scientific committee in June 2015, at the ICOH Conference in Seoul. Before that, MinOSH was functioning as a working group. The MinOSH Executive Committee was formed in 2012 in the ICOH Conference in Cancun.

MinOSH's Objectives and Activities

The Scientific Committee MinOSH will provide a forum for ICOH members and other experts concerned with mining. MinOSH will encourage networking and meetings in order to promote ideas, and to share knowledge and experiences about individual and workplace health and safety promotion for mining entrepreneurs and their employees world-wide. MinOSH is not limited to but have a special focus on the most vulnerable group within mining - the small-scale miners, women and children in mining.

MinOSH's Subcommittees

MinOSH has 5 subcommittees to discuss upon and perform activities in specific topics within mining: 1) Mining Paper, 2) Occupational Health Services for Mining, 3) Informal and small-scale mining, 4) Large scale mining, and, 5) Repository for Mining Practices and Training.